Three installed IR Windows, fully NFPA 70E compliant Infrared Windows.

About CorDEX Instruments - Infrared Windows

Intelligent IR Windows from CorDEX Instruments, the answer to your thermal imaging needs.

CorDEX Instruments is a leading UK manufacturer of hand-held intrinsically safe and non destructive testing devices that are used around the world.  Our team has a combined 60 years’ experience in the infrared and thermal imaging market and we have applied this to enhance our technology, making it more efficient and intelligent, whilst increasing functionality.

CorDEX Instruments has the expertise and technology to support your Infrared (IR) windows and thermal imaging needs.  Our bespoke handheld products are designed to deliver the most robust infrared inspections and are tested to the highest standards.

The risk of arc flash hazards is only too real across many industries, but CorDEX has built up an enviable reputation in developing products custom built for hazardous environments. This means infrared inspections can be carried out with and in keeping with the NFPA70E requirements for for bulky protective clothing. 

Our IW Series of Intelligent IR Windows are fully certified and tested to UL50, UL50V and UL1558 and take inspection and predictive maintenance to a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy at a highly competitive price.

CorDEX is dedicated to investing in research and development and has built a strong track record with our custom designed products making it safer and faster to work in hazardous environments.

Our IR windows and thermal imaging products can be accessed via an established network of distributors across the USA, South America, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East.