Frequently asked questions

Q. Are the lenses water soluble?

The crystal lens material is not water soluble.

However, the IW Series has a HydroGARD protective coating to help protect them from all elements. The IW Series Windows all have an IP65 rating.

Q. Is it important to have a material that provides me with a visual image as well an infra red Image?

The IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are transparent allowing for visual images. Some may argue that you don’t need to see visually however being able to see visually gives you a clear indication of what you are looking at inside the panel.  IR Images aren’t always clear and in focus.

Q. What are the thicknesses of your lens materials?

Our standard crystal thicknesses are:

IW3000 - 2mm (0.08in)

IW4000 - 4mm (0.16in)

Q. Is it important to have a high transmission rate?

It is imperative to understand your IR transmission rates and wavelengths that your IR window works in.  The transmission of your IR window is needed to accurately calculate your temperature correction.  The IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are all individually tested in a transmission correction chamber to calculate their individual transmission rates.  Using RoutePLANNIR™ or the IW Series Installation App it is possible to get these readings on site.

Q. Is the IW Series Intelligent IR Window flame proof?

NO. Flameproof is a term used when designing hazardous area equipment. The materials used in the construction of the IW Series IR Windows are all flame retardant and certified by Underwritiers Laboratories (UL) to UL94.

Q. Why is the actual transmission rate so important?

All Infrared windows transmit infrared energy at varying levels, this is known as the transmission rate. The IR Window transmission determines the amount of infrared energy the thermal imager receives and correspondingly, the temperature the camera displays to the thermographer. To be able to calculate the temperature of a component behind an IR Window there are a number of variables for the operator and camera to consider which include:

- IR Window Transmission
- Target Emissivity
- Ambient/Background temperatures
- Distance

With all of these variables and measurements taken into consideration the camera will use this data to calculate a temperature using a sophisticated algorithm. Without all of these variables it is difficult to get an accurate temperature reading from your target located inside the panel.

The IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are all individually transmission checked across the general operating range for an electrical pdm inspector (+35C - +165C). The broad calibration routine enables the IW Series IR Windows to access specific calibration maps which take into account the spectral nature of a typical IR Window transmitter.

No other IR Window manufacturer provides this level of accuracy to thermographers. For more information on IR Window transmission go to our Learning Lab section and select the “Understanding Transmission” Lab.

Q. Is Your IR window more accurate than the competitions?

The IW Series Intelligent IR Window on its own is not more accurate than any competitor Window.  The introduction of the transmission correction data given in RoutePLANNIR™ and on the IW Series Installation App on each individual IW Series Windows allows the user to gain the exact correction data for that window and in turn giving you the user a more accurate reading.

Q. Can your IW Series Windows be used with any IR camera?

YES.  The IW Series Windows are designed to be used with ALL IR CAMERA’S.  The only consideration is what operating environments and equipment should be used when making your inspections.

Q. What effect do the windows have on the thermal image?

When taking a thermal image, the IR Windows will always absorb some of the infrared radiation emitted by your source. This is where the transmission correction is vital. Using the RoutePLANNIR™, CorDEX CONNECT™ or the IW Series Installation App (for iPhone) you can obtain your correction data quickly and easily whilst on site.

Q. Who can install and service an IR window?

The IW Series Intelligent IR Window must be installed and serviced only by qualified electrical personnel, in accordance with local safety codes and legislation

Q. How long is the warranty on your IR windows?

The IW Series Intelligent IR Windows are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects and for the life of the panel in which they are fitted, they are not guaranteed against damage or misuse.